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Date: 27 January 2002 18:05
Subject: Bath Tech and beyond!!
Many thanks for your two e-mails.
It was a strange coincidence that you should have contacted me, because in September last year, my wife and I were travelling back from Devon by coach and we stopped in Bath for Lunch.
I was merrily recounting "the happiest days of my life", showing her such sights as the room where we had RI whilst looking out of the window watching American tourists go round the baths, when I remembered Evans Chippy. Lo and behold (the RI had some affect) there it was before my very eyes. I had told her on the journey north about the window into the playground and was surprised to see it still in tact.
The guy whose mum looked like Diana Dors was Michael Coke and his Mum worked in the Co-op.
The names that stick clearly in my mind from then are, James Toogood (not CHRIS) I think his Dad then had a pub called The Grapes after the Seven Stars, Nick Winter, Stuart Pearson, from Lancôme Vale, the Ellin brothers and Mark Drew from Pill, Mike Williams who lived near Bath Spa station, Peter Hobbs and ### Hearne from Hilperton.
Isn't it strange you haven't really thought about these names for nearly 40 years and once you start the memories keep coming back. Like walking to the Sports field and buying a tanners worth of chips (bus fare) from the Chippy on the hill. Back to food again.
When I can think of some more names and details I will let you know.