From a 50`s Member of School

Headmaster: Mr T J Nicholas - Wigan RL follower and rugby enthusiast.
Sport (Welsh rugby fanatic): Mr H O Edwards.
Maths: Mr (CJ) Bill Hayman - brilliant teacher, an enormous influence on my future career in engineering, and many others I suspect.
Maths: Mr H G Stennett - also a football league referee.
Physics: Mr 'Dicky' Harbour
Chemistry: Mr 'Gummy' Freeman
Geography: Mr H Alvis
English: Mr PM 'Killer' Keating
History: Mr Webb
Also the two 'Wally' Hammonds (Big & Little).
The concurrent principal of the Technical College was Mr H B Toft ex England rugby international and selector and 'The Observer' critic.
In the post-war era I and many others travelled daily via the old S & D (Slow & Dirty) railway from Midsomer Norton to Bath Green Park. Then to classes at various parts of the city with a bus pass. Later generations lived in a world to dream of!