14th May 2002

Dear Bill,

I am writing in response to your email via friends reunited. I am afraid that I do not at present recall you and suspect that you are maybe 2 years younger than me. I see from your member notes that you live in Timsbury. I met my wife, who at that time lived in Timsbury, back in 1968 and we married in 1970. I still regularly go to Timsbury to visit my mother in law. I would be willing to drop in some time to meet up with you.

I left school and went to work with the GPO as it was then. This later became the Post Office and then BT. I stayed with BT until September 1996 when I took early voluntary retirement. After that I worked for Siemens Communications for 3 years before being made redundant. Then in October 2000 I joined Orange and I am continuing to enjoy my working life in telecommunications.

Here are some of my memories from the school past. I know some of them are in your notes and also I recall a couple of the other names around the 1964 period.

Started September 1957 in the Weymouth House site in the City centre where Marks & Spencer is now situated.

Left in July 1964

I stayed in the Y stream of class up to year 5, then 6X1 and 6X2 for ‘A’ levels.

These are the names as far as I can remember of my class. I am not very good at remembering first names, I have been searching my memory for the last few months since receiving your email.

Andy Bale (twins) one in the X class and one in the Y class



Dave Burgess

Brain Cleverly

Geoff Cole

Robin Dew (me)

Terry Doel




Keith Griffin (brother Peter one year younger, these were both very very clever, always top of their classes)


Tim Merrett (brother Neil one year younger. I have worked with them both over many years in BT)
















Other names I can remember were Jolyon Laycock who was dead clever and got 10 ‘O’ Levels, and Dave Cox who I worked with in BT and Dave Speak who I also worked with in BT. Barry Case was the Head boy in my year.

Teachers that taught me at some time I can recall were

Head Mr. Nicholas who was a very pleasant head who committed suicide with his wife in 1962. I recall he came to school on a Vespa scooter.

Head Mr. F.T.Naylor who was quite strict and was often away on teaching projects.

Deputy head Mr. Bill Hayman who was always very fair.

Mr. R. Minikin taught History and RE I believe.

Mr. Peter Coard taught Art and Music.

Mr. G.B.Lloyd taught Physics, quite strict.

Mr. Pete Moore taught Maths including Pure maths.

Mr. A. Brinkworth taught Mechanics and Applied Maths.

Mr. P.Keating, ‘killer’ taught Maths I believe, or was it English, a bit strict but knew his job well.

Mr. Ray Jones taught Woodwork. I kept in touch with him for about 10 years after leaving school. He was one of the organists at Bath Abbey and lived on Bear Flat in Bath.

Mr. Harry Mower taught Metalwork.

Mr. Williams taught Chemistry.

Mr. Stenning was a football referee and also dealt with the school bee hives I believe. Cannot remember what he taught.

Hope this gives you some extra names to think about.


Robin Dew