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Hi Des,
I hope it is Hi to the same Des that was a musician in the late 60`s early 70`s. My name is Bill Williams, I used to own a small Recording Studio in the 70s in a village near Bath. ( Timsbury )
I recall you coming to the Studio around the same time as other local bands whose members included Bruce Gooding.
I still have some demo recordings of you, with your band ( three I think ), they have been rescued from old master tapes, digitally enhanced, cleaned and transferred to C.D., if you are the one and the same man, email mail me, and I`ll see if we can reunite you with your music. . Bill ( P.S. a guy called Phil Parsons used to work at the studio, perhaps this might jog the memory.)


Hi Bill,
Yes, it is definitely me that recorded at your studio and yes I do remember both you and Phil.    I am amazed that you remember me though.   I recall your studio very well and recall being surprised at how you had built such a wonderful studio on your own and in little Timsbury of all places! The quality of the tapes was also very good and I would love to have a CD of the tapes. I moved, with my wife, to California in 1982 and still live there, though we do still visit Bath every summer.    I lost touch with all the other band members (Jeff Avis and Paul Wolf were on the tapes but I'm not sure which others were) and have been unable to track them down but I keep trying.    I kept playing guitar and singing in bars and coffee houses when we moved here and only finished around 2 years ago.
This Friends Revisited website is amazing.   I have already heard from old friends of mine at my schools in Bath and from Bristol running club and am very glad that you contacted me.

If you let me know how much I will owe you for a copy of the CD, and postage, I will send you a check (I still have a British bank account). It would probably be best if you sent it to me via my in-laws at Castle Combe and I'll give you the address (can't remember the zip code but I'll get it tonight).
Thanks for getting in touch and I look forward to hearing from you. Des


Hi Des,
Long time no hear, yes the memory is pretty good for me, an eventful time of my life .. I went to a concert at the Pavilion a year of so ago as a benefit night for Paul ( who now has MS ) .. Jeff Avis is still in the area, I saw a death recorded in the Bath Chronicle recently, may have been his mother or perhaps a relation. Money is not required for the CD, I am just pleased to be able to offer it to you .. as to Jeff and his music, I will include both his, all that I have from those tapes for you, and a list of those artists that may bring back a few happy memories for you. Look forward to the address detail.. Regards .. Bill



Hi Bill,
You must be referring to Paul Davies, who I heard through a friend has MS. I worked at the MOD with Paul for many years and he also played drums with my band occasionally.   I actually sold my PA to him when we moved to the States and was very sad to hear how sick he was.   Do you know his latest status by any chance?   He was married to a girl called Erica when I last saw him, though that was a long time ago.
If you ever hear anything of Jeff Avis could you let me know, as I'd love to contact him again.   That must have been his mother that died, as his father died some time ago.   I recall my first ever rehearsal in a band was in their front room in Bath and, despite the horrible racket we must have made, Mrs Avis was very encouraging and kept bringing cups of tea.
If you could send that CD etc to the following address, I'd be very grateful:
Des Knuckey, *******, **********, ********, SN14 7HQ Thanks a lot.

Des.     p.s Do you still have the recording studio?



HI Des,

Yes it was Paul Davis, my memory is not what it used to be ... the studio had to close in 1974, due to the miners strikes, lack of money, and the fact that musicians are notorious for not paying their bills !!! .. I`ll do what I can for you to locate Jeff and I`ll forward a copy of the tracks that I have to the address for you .. Regards .. Bill


Hi again Des, sorry to be a bit late with the reply, but it`s a busy time of year for me, and I had to get my printer going again to do the CD labels for you.
I`ll send the Disk to the address you gave in Castle Combe .. hope it gets to you safely, I have had no luck with the Avis family so far, will try again after Christmas for you .. seasons Greetings to you and yours .. and a Happy New year .. Bill


Thanks Bill,

And a very happy Christmas to you also.   We used to try to get back to England for Christmas but the cold winters finally pursuaded us to switch to summer instead.   We'll miss the traditional English Christmas, but will raise a glass to you old friends!