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Howard Stockall


ex-pupil of Bath tech School writes:                         Read the Article and comments in the Bath Chronicle



Dear Chronicle and John and Jean Head,


Re your pictures in the Chronicle on Thursday February 26, it is always nice to see and hear of people's memories of the past as it always triggers one's own.


I have been looking at the picture of the cricket team and I am convinced that it was taken at the Glasshouse playing fields at Bradford Road, which would lead me to believe that both pictures are of the Bath Technical School and not College – this school was at Weymouth House. It was for pupils from age 11 to 17, where the College was for older students.


This is a mistake the Chronicle is always making.


I attended this school from 1956 to 1962, it eventually moved to Brougham Hayes and finally merged with Westhill Boys School which eventually became Culverhay.


Please do not call it a college as it was a school.


It used many buildings around the town, from Twerton Jail for woodwork to Brougham Hayes for painting and decorating, also metalwork.

The trip back to town was either along the river bank or along the railway track through the engine sheds to Green Park Station, often standing aside to watch the Pines Express come into the station. I never heard of anyone getting injured